Thesis 1.7 is the Best Platform for Business Websites

by Rick Anderson on April 13, 2010

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Thesis 1.7 is a spectacular platform for building your own business website. I started teaching small business owners how to set up a business website long before I’d heard of Thesis.  And before Thesis it took a lot of work and a lot of education to get a basic business website set up in WordPress.  Sure you can install WordPress in 5 minutes, but it doesn’t look like you’re seriously in business.

I found my friends and clients dropping off as I explained how to set up the CSS styles to customize their WordPress installation.  And frankly, it’s a lot to learn when you’re starting from scratch.  In order to set up a decent, unique site to represent your business you had to learn WordPress, HTML, CSS, SEO, Internet Marketing, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and lots of other stuff.

When I discovered Thesis, it all became MUCH simpler. My students could set up their own unique sites, without needing to learn HTML or CSS.  On top of that their sites were fast, SEO bright and easily customizable.

Top 5 reasons why Thesis 1.7 is the Best Platform for a Business Website

1.  It is easily learned by the average business owner.

If you take a look at other “customizable” themes you’ll see they have pages and pages of potential configuration.  And while that seems like it would be more flexible, what it actually does is steepen the learning curve.  I’ve seen some where it would be easier to learn how to learn how to manually change a property than it is to figure out how to use the dialog.

Thesis by contrast is very simple.  You have complete control over the primary elements of the site.  You can easily change the colors, fonts and organization of your site.  And it’s very simple to make your site “business” focused rather than “blog” focused.

2.  It makes the hard parts of on-site SEO simple.

On site SEO is a breeze in Thesis.  Thesis gives you complete control over every on-site and on-page SEO element.  Most other themes require some sort of plug-in to make that work.  With Thesis it is integrated into the theme itself.

3.  It is easily customized.

The majority of all of the visible elements of the site can be easily adjusted without knowing HTML or Css.  Changing your site background from one color to another is a push of a button.  Enlarging a font, changing the font style is as easy as it is in your favorite word processor.

It gets even better than that.  Yes you can get a very long way down the road without ever touching the CSS or HTML but when you want to do that one special thing that you can’t do with dialogs it’s a breeze to actually customize.  Thesis was built to be customized.  You don’t have to “hack” the theme files or be worried that your customizations will be lost when you upgrade to the next version of the theme.

It is so much easier to customize templates with Thesis than it is in any other theme.  You don’t have to start coding that template from scratch.  You can choose to alter only that part of the standard templates that you would like to behave differently.  Do you want a catalog page that displays thumbnails of each of your products organized by the product type or category?  It’s just a few lines of code when using Thesis native functionality.

4.  It is fast.  Really fast.

Your customer’s time is valuable and there are few things more frustrating than sitting around waiting for a page to load.  A lot of the reasons for this happening on a typical WordPress site is that the theme is designed inefficiently, it has to ask the server for information repeatedly before it can render the page.  In Thesis that process has been made as efficient as possible.  Thesis also has it’s own version of WordPress processes which aids in speeding everything up.  Thesis screams.

5.  It has unbelievable support.

When you look at the support forums and compare those to any other, Thesis clearly is unique.  The Thesis community is made up of DIYers all building their own websites.  At last count there were over 23,000 members of the forum.  You can see that the overwhelming majority of the questions asked get answered within minutes of being posted.  And this isn’t just for official support.  It also covers all the potential avenues of customization; stuff you wouldn’t expect to be covered by anyone else’s support.  For a small business person building their own business website this community is invaluable.

Of course there are also my great videos.  I currently have 124 videos on the site that cover all of the basics of creating a website from scratch using WordPress and Thesis.  Unlike some sites, these videos are kept up to date as WordPress and Thesis change.  You can watch over 40 of those videos for free, so check them out.